Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Devils Teeth

My partner and I Jill finally made it out to the coast yesterday, what a gorgeous day! It's looking like the fog is easing up a bit, but I doubt the drought is. The bouys were suggesting a bit of a south swell with a nice long period, oddly Point Reyes wasn't picking it up. I went by way of bike (bofax - alpine dam - seven siters - pantoll - stinson -whew) and Jill met me there. It was a great place to finish The Devil's Teeth, I could almost see the Faralones offshore. Poor Peter Pyle...he ended taking the fall for this piece of journalism, it's really too bad. But I will be interested in following the work of Barbara Block's Lab and the TOPP program - they ended up with the permits. Talk about marine biogeography - these guys are getting some really cool data. After seeing a talk by Pat Halpin from Duke, I got really interested in looking at these type of data against marine physiographic data (salinity, chlorophyll, sst) - too bad that stuff is so f'ing hard to process. Anyway DT was great in a Outside Magazine kinda way - just the right mix of natural history and personal interest for a great summer read.

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