Thursday, September 08, 2005

Geog 316 journal - Environmental Gradients

So last weekend I actually stole some plants from the grocery store behind my house. I know I know but hey there plants and this a big grocery store, and besides they just left them out overnight out I think they wanted people to take them. Anyway that's not the point. When I started putting these guys into the ground (basil and vinca) I couldn't help but notice the little tag that highlighted the best growing conditions. This immediately got me thinking about environmental gradients.

Apparently the basil thrived in full light conditions. And this sends me into thinking about scale and the distribution of products. The tag didn't need to say only grow these plants in temperate dry summer / wet winter climates - those climatic barriers are implicit to the sale of plants in our region. But they did say plant in full sunlight - thus taking advantage of a microclimate in your own back yard. So I planted mine in a semi sunny spot, let's see how they do at the edge of their range.

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Tim Stroshane said...

Matt, I wonder if the first section of marsh you visited may have had been highly disturbed; that is, the soil next to the Larkspur ferry dock may have been highly disturbed, even dredged from construction of the dock, contributing to a "patchy" presentation of the marsh grasses you write about. Just a thought.